• Restores your phone
    if dropped in water

    For Smartphones, iPhones, Mp3s & Compact Digital Cameras etc

What is the iRescue Kit?

The iRescue Kit revives all kinds of devices that have been dropped in water or suffered moisture damage, including iPhones, Smartphones, mobile phones, iPods, mp3 players, cameras, hearing aids, watches, car door openers, and other compact electronic devices.

Using simple dehumidifying technology, used extensively in the medical and photographic field during the last 30 years, the iRescue Kit can revive your wet mobile phone or other electronic device, restoring it to full functionality in just four days or less.

Even if your phone or camera hasnít suffered water damage, you can keep one on hand as low-cost insurance against accidents. Remember the iRescue Kit can save you hundreds of euros, pounds or krona on replacing a water-damaged device.

Have you got yours?

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